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Toms Modelworks DKM 1/700 Photo Etch
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#704 1/700 3 Bar Rails (NEW)

Set contains 3 styles of 3 bar rails and vertical ladders. CAD engineered for finer detail.

Price: $7.00 US Dollar



#705 1/700 2 Bar Rails (NEW)

Set contains several runs of 2 bar rails for use on the upper deck of US, German or British ships but mostly all IJN ship. It also includes vertical ladders. CAD engineered for finer detail.

Price: $7.00 US Dollar



#723 1/700 Figure Set

Set contains 120 figures in different positions.

Price: $5.00 US Dollar



#733 1/700 BISMARCK / TIRPITZ  Set

Set contains relief etched parts, rails, catapults, radars, bracing, hanger doors and more We believe this set contains the only correct catapults currently available for these ships. See sets 763, 764, 765 for additional German Naval Details

Price: $15.00 US Dollar



#735 1/700 German WWII Naval Radars

Set contains several different WWII German radars for use on Submarines through Battleships. See sets 763, 764 & 765 for additional German Naval Details

Price: $8.00 US Dollar



#746 1/700 Scharnhorst / Gneisenau Set

Parts for either ship, rails catapult, cranes radars, platform bracing and more. See sets 763 & 764 for additional German Naval Details

Price: $15.00 US Dollar



#751 1/700 Prinz Eugen Set

Set contains rails, radars, catapult, bracing and more.

Price: $14.50 US Dollar



#754 1/700 Inclined Ladders

Set contains 2 styles of inclined ladders in 4 different lengths plus 2 boarding ladders.

Price: $8.50 US Dollar



#763 1/700 German Naval Doors

This set contains 8 different door styles both open and closed, port & starboard. (0ver 100 doors on the set) See sets 735, 764 ,765 for additional supporting sets.

Price: $9.00 US Dollar



#765 1/700 German Naval Reels

12 different styles over 100 reels on the set. reels for destroyers to battleships. See sets 735, 763 ,764 for additional supporting sets

Price: $9.00 US Dollar



#771 1/700 German Destoryers

Set for all WWII 1/700 German Destroyers. This set has parts for detailing the new Dragon kits of Z-31 & Z-39 And Trumpeters Z-25 & Z-28 as well as parts for HP's Z-1, Z-9 & Z-10 and Samek Z-17 & Z-19. Contains enough parts for two kits. Can also be used to detail Tamiya, Pit-Road and Matchbox kits as well.

Price: $13.00 US Dollar


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