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Hog Islander by Christian Bruer
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 Christian Bruer's Hog Islander build.
The Hog Islander is my first Battlefleet Models kit to be built. I am really impressed by the fine casting and lots of fine details. It was easy to clean up the parts and fittings as well.
To the basic kit parts, I add some extra detail parts including a new steering deck house, davits, winches for davits, stack exhaust pipes and braces along the inner side of the tailboard. The braces were made of transparent copy film. I cut the film in triangles and fit it with super glue at equal distance. You can see the braces in picture #3 on the starboard side! I replaced the bases of all vents with some plastic rod because of some problems with the roundness and some broken parts. I also replaced the steel plating on the bow because the part was broke when I was working on the kit. To create the ship hulls plating surface I decide to engrave two horizontal lines along the hulls longitudinal axis. Without paint there the result looks good lets wait for some paint!
The Bridge was not glued to the hull. I drilled a hole in the main
structure of the bridge support and fit a pin to the bridge part. So I can stick both parts together without any glue. That works well and made life easier for painting the model. I always fit as much parts as possible together, also the etched parts before I paint a model. That makes painting the decks a little bit tricky but it works well for me. In the next step I build the masts and booms from brass rod and fit all the fine etched parts in place. For the galley on the superstructures back side I used TomsModelworks aircraft carriers cat walks. For the main railing I used some GMM railing. Ladders etc. are from the kit included TomsModelworks fret, open and closed doors are from Lion Roar. I want to build one of the WWII convoy seasoned Hog Islander, so I added the life raft racks on port and starboard of both booms.
In the next step I added the rest of the railing, made some railing canvas covers from PVA Glue and fit a gun platform at the stern. Then it is time for the most interesting job painting and weathering!
Stay tuned, more to follow!
Christian Bruer

Hog Islander, Battlefleet Models, scale 1:700

Part 2

There is less time at the moment for modeling, but yesterday I spent some extra time to finish the rest of the main model construction. In particular I added the railings on the bridge, boat deck and stern. I made some railing covers at the bridge railing from PVA Glue. For some extra detail on deck I made some boxes and lockers from different sized flat plastic and fit them in place. Because I want to build a convoy proved ship I will need at least one gun platform. I found one in my spares box, but at a closer look at the platform and I decide to make a new one. I use an etched round gun platform from a Tauro Models ship accessories set, a base from some plastic rod and triangle supports from Lion Roar, some two bar railing and PVA Glue for railing cover. The gun was an 5” gun from my spare box.

I glued most of the parts in place, so I obtain the best result when I paint the model. Only the life boats, the gun platform and the bridge are not fixed in place.

By the way, when I received my Alchiba kit, I found two large rafts in the kit. These rafts are suitable for the life raft racks, it works well, see the picture!

Stay tuned for the next step painting and weathering!

Christian Bruer 



Hog Islander, Battlefleet Models, scale 1:700

Part 3

Due to different materials, resin, polystyrene, brass and steel photo etched parts. I gave the whole model a basic coat with Alclad II primer. This primer was needed as a basic coat for natural metal finish on aero plane models. You have to airbrush the primer at a very close distance to the model. To airbrush the primer farther from the models surface results in a rough surface, because the primer dries very quick!

Even though I work carefully I get some more or less unacceptable rough areas on the model which I have to sand carefully down.

I want to show the model in a wartime fit around 1943 so I choose 5-O Ocean Gray for the main color. I used WEM's Ocean Gray and airbrushed the color with the usual fine result. After some light coats I have mixed the basic color with some Light Gray to get different shades on the model.

I used Valejo Model Color acrylic colors to paint the decks and some of the details like hatchways, canvas covers etc.! I paint them by brush with water as thinner. I mixed the colors for the steel and wooden decks from different shades of grays and browns. Painting the decks needs a lot of patience because of the already fixed parts, but it worked well.

Common with the Hog Islander is an Royal Navy A/S Trawler, a conversion from HP-Models German Vorpostenboot VP 1102. The trawlers white and blue WA scheme is quite the opposite of the grey colored merchant man and after the models are finished, I want to show them together on a small display.

The next step was weathering and rigging so stay tuned!

Christian Bruer

Oct. 05, 2008

Part 4

The weathering was done using artist's oil paints and acrylics. For the rigging, stretched sprue was used.

I choose to build the Hog Islander as SS Shikshinny because the model was built as part of our Liverpool Langton and Brocklebank Dock diorama. This diorama tells the story of the arriving of convoy SC.123 on April 4th 1943. SS Shickshinny sailed with this convoy as the only Hog Islander.

Because of the diorama's size we only display it on model shows. In the meantime my ships are kept on small display bases in my glass cabinet.

Christian Bruer

January 2009





Part 2 photo's below.


















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